Nova versão 3.0 do Heaven disponibilizada pelo desenvolvedor

Nova versão 3.0 do Heaven disponibilizada pelo desenvolvedor

O que há de novo?
Added Mac OS X version compatible with 10.7+ (no tessellation).
Added support for Intel HD 3000 GPU (no tessellation).
Improved support for multi-monitor configurations.
Added support for NVIDIA 3D Surround (multi-monitor stereo 3D).
Enhanced NVIDIA 3D Vision support.
New cross-platform launcher without .NET dependencies.
Fixed Phoronix Test Suite compatibility issue.
Fixed minor visual artifacts.
Improved compatibility with Mesa drivers.
Improved detection of new GPUs.

Professional Edition
The updated Professional Edition of the benchmark combines all new features of version 3.0 with flexible automation and logging facility to provide the best GPU and/or stress testing experience.

Heaven Pro version features include:

Command line automation.
Reports in CSV format.
Stress testing mode (benchmark looping).
Technical support.
Licensed for commercial use.

“Heaven” is a picturesque benchmark in a steampunk setting. Its key features are:

Heavy GPU load, extreme hardware stability test.
Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0.
Comprehensive use of hardware tessellation technology (3 presets).
Advanced ambient occlusion.
Dynamic global illumination.
Volumetric cumulonimbus clouds of high physical fidelity.
Simulation of day-night shift and changing light conditions.
Dynamic sky with light scattering.
Interactive experience with fly/walk-through modes.
Support of NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire technologies.
Stereo 3D modes:
Separate images
3D Vision
3D Surround
Support of multi-monitor configurations.
Based on the latest, most advanced version version of powerful UNIGINE engine.

Hardware Tessellation

The distinguishing feature of the benchmark is hardware tessellation, a scalable technology aimed for automatic subdivision of polygons into smaller and finer pieces, so that games gain drastically detailed and more elaborated look almost free of charge in terms of performance.

There are three tessellation modes available in this version of the benchmark:

Moderate Mode
This mode is targeted to provide reasonable performance on a wide range of DX11 hardware.

Normal Mode
Default mode available in the benchmark shows optimal quality-to-performance ratio. That’s the way to achieve prominent visual difference with hardware tessellation technology.

Extreme Mode
It is designed to meet the perspectives of the next series of DX11-capable hardware pushing up the tessellation level to the extreme in the next 1-2 years.

Download aqui

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